• Concept/Offering

    At a base level, The Hub is an internet based service providing a unified access point to a diverse collection of interactive education portals as well as a suite of sophisticated learning tools for communities of educators, students and their families.
    Stephen Su, founder, SIH

Latest Technologies

Take advantage of having the most advanced technologies applications at your fingertips. "The Hub" brings all the best tools available together in one place!

Laser Focus

It's not just important to know what's out there, but "The Hub" will help you understand why it matters!

Context is Key

More than providing you direct access the the content you seek, "The Hub" will provide you the broader body of information that informs and is effected by what you are interested in.

Integrated w/Your Community

Link to and from other websites important to you and your school. Allow "The Hub" to be your "starting jump point" to all that surrounds you.

Take Back Time

Everything you put onto "The Hub" will increase your productivity and elevate overall participation.

24/7 Access/Support

Everyone will be able to find anything they want, at any hour and if assistance is required, our "Hub Support Team" is always available.